Operations is a Competitive Advantage

Sadly most small and medium size organizations misjudge the value in spending resources on operations, and even fewer see sys-adminry as an iterative process.Operations is a competitive advantage explains the operations in a way that managers and programmers can understand.


One Response to Operations is a Competitive Advantage

  1. David says:

    I’ve got the entry opened up in a tab to read….its a research day for me, and I’m exploring Spring Webflow and how it differs from Seam – and which one fits into our environment the best.

    The gut reaction to this that I had was lets first start with defining what is desktop support, versus server support, versus application support. Many times the people making the decisions don’t have a very good grasp on what those three categories are, and if it make sense for different groups to handle this.

    And often the case is the person who they assign to be responsible for all things that speak 0s or 1s doesn’t want to disappoint by telling them that while it makes since for A and B to be under them, it might be better if C was handled by this group. “We can work with them, but really they need a technical team under them to handle …blah….”

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