A Look inside LiveJournal

February 18, 2008

Rarely does a company offer people the opportunity to see its infrastructural organization. Danga does in this rare
talk from LISA 2004.

Some takeaway lessons from the talk are:

  • Separate services across hosts
  • Scale each component separately
  • Avoid large database replication by using internal pre-indexing of data across databases
  • Let your services fit your needs (ie use both an IP and an HTTP filter for different problems)
  • Storage is key, eg their use of both NetApp, mySQL replication and internally developed storage system MogileFS
  • Cache is key, use Memcached
  • Measure and monitor all aspects of the system for availability and planning
  • This talk is from 2004. We can only speculate to how things have changed since.


The Five Why’s

February 10, 2008

Joel Spolsky discusses Five Why’s, a method of determining what went wrong in a system and an approach to preventing it in the future.

In an occupation where outages are high profile and we never like to do the same thing twice, we’d all be wise to heed Joel’s story and advice.

Optimizing your database with Paul Tuckfield

February 10, 2008

Paul Tuckfield spoke at the mySQL conference in April about optimizing Youtube.

Toward the end of the talk, Paul shifts to a mainly system-oriented focus on optimization and presents a few tips:

How Google Does Things

January 31, 2008

LISA is one of the best conferences relating to system administration and in ’06 Tom Limoncelli gave a frank and informative talk on how Google handles the largest of the large systems. Though few of us have access to the same tools and resources as Google, I think everyone can take home something from this talk, “My First Year At Google”